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3:07 AM 8/24/2016
(Gemino) Welcome to the new version of Bit Shares. Our server is now running with Apache/PHP which should make it more stable and capable of handling a heavier load of traffic. The backend is very different, so we must re-build our database. All pending balances from the old database are being paid out. We thank you for using Bit Shares and request that you re-create your account and publish the new ptp link. If you experience any errors, please email us.

8:21 AM 4/21/2016
(Gemino) IP addresses will now be stored for two hours instead of one.

1:00 AM 4/20/2016
(Gemino) I have added more security and anti cheating features. I have also reduced the size of user web pages to 1000 characters. I will probably add controls to allow users to create something like up to three pages.

8:40 AM 4/18/2016
(Gemino) Bit Shares is now offering 2000 bytes of free web hosting space in the user control panel. Users may create their own pages that may be updated at any time.

11:30 AM 4/9/2016
(Gemino) I am changing the payment terms again. IP addresses will now be logged for one hour instead of three minutes.

2:26 AM 4/7/2016
(Gemino) I have made several updates that will completely change our payment system. Incoming traffic is now validated for Javascript. IP addresses are now logged and checked against incoming traffic. The logs are reset every three minutes. There is no longer any randomizer in the system. Every valid hit has a 100% chance to earn.

12:36 AM 4/3/2016
(Gemino) The terms have been changed and payrates have been raised! With new developments to the Geek Basic Web Server, our network (despite being bumpy from development) seems to be running pretty smoothly. Yesterday, this page peaked at nearly 15k hits!

7:46 AM 3/27/2016
(Gemino) The terms and control panel now allow for 728x180 banners! I remodeled much of the site layout to display more functionally in smaller frames. Bandwith consuption has been reduced by displaying less ads at once and rotating them. There is also now no minimum threshold for payment.

3:52 AM 3/24/2016
(Gemino) The payment system is working well at this point. I am now just waiting for users to sign up and start earning. A few users are already doing well, but it will take time for new people to get involved. The awesome thing is that the site already receives a lot of hits and that for every new user, the site will receive even more hits. I decided that the best way to sell the extra traffic coming to this site would be through the traffic rotator. Check out the Traffic Rotator section on this page to find out more.

5:15 AM 3/20/2016
(Gemino) Due to transaction fees, we will be sending payments through from now on.

5:35 PM 3/19/2016
(Gemino) I made my first payment yesterday. Development of the backend features is moving right along. I added a payment log table to provide a history of my payout transactions to new users. You will also find that you may now access your account info more easily by submitting your wallet address in the same form you used to register.

2:49 AM 3/15/2016
(Gemino) I have added some security features to prevent cheating. I have also added an API where you can display your website on the ptp page. You may now display the ptp page with a popup script as well.

5:48 AM 3/9/2016
(Gemino) This will be the first news entry for Bit Shares. I Started programming this little website a few hours ago, but have been planning it for a while. It is pretty much ready to roll, but probably still needs some testing. The program is taking its first breaths of life, so I encourage new users with questions or comments to post a message.